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A Genius Food or a fools lure ? Pani Puri ?

Why Pani Puri ?

What does adding water to a decently good food does. It ruins it as simple as that (am I right). For example, if you are having rice pulao/biryani/any other beloved south Indian rice now add any water to that rice. Yeah just by mentioning it I made weird faces. Like everyone else out there we all hate adding flavored water to a perfectly normal food, but this norm is thrown out of the park one we talk about Pani Puri. Surely, we all love the fact that we can accompany our food with various drinks be it wine and sushi or beer on burgers, most of them will reach to the point of inedible (or as I like to call it yuk).
A pure mania of being a Pani Puri fanboy.

The concept of pani puri is so much so unique that I can’t simply explain it in words. You ought to taste it (I’ll forget about my diet plan today) to know how different it is from all the foods we have out there. It has escalated from a side dish food to the point of mainstream mania. It has appeals from every class.
Pani puri in your hands. It seems the words for                           phuchka have long been forgotten.

Quick Steps to making Pani Puri.

Let’s revisit “how is it made?” (If you do not know already). Make a bowl puri out of equal proportions of maida and sooji and ferment that mixture, keep the consistency very thick (less water makes it better). Roll the dough and fry it (i usually don’t suggest it buy it from a local pani puri vendor). Save yourself time and hassle. The masala is traditionally potato and black gram boiled and mashed add rock salt, sea salt, coriander powder, cumin powder and red chili powder and bit of green chili paste (if you can handle the heat or you are an Indian).

The mother essential of them all the PANI in the pani puri. The pani is created by using coriander leaves and mint leaves crushed into a paste in equal proportions. Use tap (spring) water add rock salt and sea salt and lemon juice as per taste. In the end add green chili paste. Let all these ingredients rest for 2-3 hour (preferably in a refrigerator). (Bingo you got a good pani.)

That’s why I like to call it humble man’s ecstasy food.

PS: You can easily use any fruit juice and or vodka mix in the pani puri. (just a humble suggestion)


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