More Grub

More Grub

We feed your love for nostalgic foods.
                                                       Jalebi is on the move on a Bicycle journey.

We are the food lovers who are in love with every details about the food. We are food curious. In search of food stories which entice our minds, we believe in food Photography as the best product shoot. We love to Make food as great as any other industry of this world. We believe in the motto Love to eat over Live to eat. Being a responsible food lover and a food enthusiast we are here to make this world fall in love with every bite they eat.

What do we do ?

The Biggest Crime committed by Fast Food chain industry is taking your expectations sky high and crashing you to the point of no recovery. You need to grub every bite as you see it in reality. Living a lie is not what we sell here at Grub Story. We will provide you with all the original and verified stories about food their history and there demographics.

Who we are ?

Established in the year 2015 by two friends we are committed to make this World Tasty AGAIN.

We love every aspect of the food industry, in depth analysis and sightings about the food availability and food industry as a whole will be brought to your light.

We love to travel the lengths and breaths of India to bring you the most interesting stories about Food.

For The Love OF FOOD