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Indian Bun from grub story

Incredible Origins of Pav !!!

Is Pav Indian? The incredible history of Pav has very humble beginnings. It was once said to be poor man’s dream food and food reserved for the minorities (muslims and Catholics not trying to be racist). Unlike all the stoires from the history, Pav and its origins are a bit melodramatic.   There is a […]


Demographics of Pani Puri

Pani Puri if you google it (as we all do Google whenever in doubt of having an argument to settle) there are quite a few blogs and a wiki page talking about Pani Puri. They claim it had originated from Magadha region south of Bihar. there is no historic evidence to its support. There can be […]

A Brief History of Vadapav.

Origins of the Vada Pav Vada Pav the lifeline of a city, residing at the heart of millions of people, food that is loved by the rich as well as the poor. Vada Pav is, in reality, the Soul of Mumbai. In many ways, Vada Pav proves, that it’s a food that portrays Mumbai. The […]

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